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June 2019

2:34 What advice would you give a new youtuber

7:32 Do veils and ornaments reveal more about what they are covering?

9:25 What is the connection between Love, beauty and truth?

11:14 Which part of the Universal wedding traditions are worth participating in as a Christian?

14:20 What is the symbolism of wedding rings?

18:45 Why is it taboo to have the male wear a jewel in the wedding ring?

20:05 Can you do a symbolic interpretation of the movie โ€œI am motherโ€?

21:07 Question on evil and principalities.

25:46 Question on snakes on the cross, christ , cycles and spirals.

30:30 Going to a church but itโ€™s not my native language.

34:50 Did you see anything positive about your home being destroyed,you having to move out, and God re ordering your plans.

38:13 What is your opinion on the Historical accuracy of the bible, you always talk about the symbolic side.

43:24 Is the nature of God complete or in a form of does this relate to man being in his image?

45:06 Question on a video game involving transhumanism in its themes

47:39 Responsibility of an individual, and responsibility of someone with a family.

49:22 Your thoughts on pro life, pro choice, should it be one of the most important topics a Christian is concerned with?

52:50 How do you like those apples? Question about the trees of good and evil.

55:53 Can you talk about fasting?

57:56 A question about space and time.

1:04:24 A question about beards.

1:09:04 I have tried contemplating random objects, natural and man made, to see what meaning is inherent in them. I am doing this in a an attempt to understand the difference between a symbol/representation created by the intellect and a โ€˜realโ€™ symbol. For example, looking at a fence I perceive the way it divides space and then suddenly the function of boundaries seem to open up to other objects. Or looking at a cup I get the idea of enclosing space/container, I see there is an overlap with the boundary of the fence and then I allow myself to open up to functions of drinking etc. My question is: If what I described is a correct approach (tell me if not!) are Christian symbols always routed in phenomenological meaning in all their layering or are there also layers of more arbitrary, conventionally created representations/symbols that I just need to learn by study and memorisation?

1:13:33 Please explain St Maximus, people assume I am talking about pantheism when I talk about him

1:22:18 Your opinion on Dawkins theory of memes