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March 2022

00:00:00 - Start and announcements

00:01:46 - I am feeling the effects of my participation with technology and how it is shaping my heart and mind. As we move toward a technocracy/technopoly…when do we say, no more?

00:04:16 - What do you know of the use of the word symbol and its cognates in the Greek Bible? Any key passages?

00:07:25 - What is the symbolism of Monkeys/Apes in the medieval worldview? Also, what are the symbolic aspects of the more modern trends of Human Evolution?

00:14:02 - I’ve been trying to understand the symbolism of taking the Mark on your right hand vs your forehead. Could you go into this a bit?

00:16:12 - What symbolism would you see in the story of Joseph being sold into Egypt, where Reuben is the one who tries to deliver Joseph from death and plans to save him from the pit but Judah is the one who comes up with the plan to sell Joseph to the Ishmeelites?

00:19:49 - What does it mean that the Mother of God has many identities (ie Our Lady of Sorrows, Lady of Guadalupe, etc)?

00:22:51 - I asked about the symbolism of hornets in a previous q&a (and how God sends them out before the Israelites). All I could come up with is: hornets are bees that do not produce honey, their stings make blisters. Have you had time to think about this symbolism?

00:24:36 - What is the symbolism of the hunter/fisherman and wild meat opposed to shepherds, agriculturalists, livestock, and crops?

00:26:30 - What is the symbolism of a live broadcast?

00:28:42 - What would happen to a vampire if he drank Christ’s blood?

00:29:34 - In Laurus, Arseny claims not to feel at home on his first visit to a cathedral, this because God seems “closer and warmer” in Orthodoxy and “higher and grander” in catholicism. Can you elaborate?

00:31:50 - Is it true that all dogs go to heaven?

00:32:46 - What is the significance of Joshua staying in the tent of meeting even when Moses leaves?

00:33:27 - In your last live stream on the Symbolic World Facebook group, you mentioned Pavel Florensky and his book Imaginaries in Geometry. Are you aware of any similar works that the mathematically inclined audience member would appreciate?

00:35:09 - Christ expands his following after healing the sick. Is this an example of integrating the remainder?

00:36:47 - What does the pattern of repentance look like and how does it break the pattern of sin?

00:39:46 - On gothic architecture

00:41:34 - I was wondering if you could talk about the symbolism of cats?

00:44:23 - Can you elaborate on your post in the Facebook group about the giants in the book of Enoch being as tall as Noah’s ark (300 cubits in length)?

00:47:35 - Some passages in scripture make it seem like Christ, the apostles, and the earliest Christians were under the impression that the second coming was happening very soon. Why hasn’t Christ returned?

00:48:07 - I loved your Ethiopian series and was wondering what your take was on the symbology of the RasTafari movement and Emperor Haile Selassie I?

00:52:19 - What is the symbolism of the Leprechaun?

00:53:31 - What is the symbolic meaning of Atlantis?

00:54:18 - Can a metaverse be used for good or can it only be an attempt to escape from the real world? If a good metaverse were to be built, what would it look like?

00:57:52 - What are good indicators to check pattern recognition against confirmation bias?

01:01:54 - Back to the metaverse question

01:02:33 - What is the symbolism of boiling a child in mother’s milk? Is it related to spoiling?

01:07:15 - To what extent should we practice the Old Testament laws today?

01:08:10 - A question about free will

01:13:28 - The way you describe the angel of a city in scientific terms is reasonable, but could you use similar terms to talk about Gabriel, who told Mary she is going to give birth to Jesus?

01:17:54 - Many early Church Fathers connected the giants and titans of Greek myth (especially Kronos) with the human builders of the Tower of Babel. That is, that chaotic and wild figures were the architects of the archetypal bastion of hyper-order of the ancient world

01:22:46 - Who is your favorite American folk hero? i.e. Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, etc.

01:23:53 - Is the conception of Christ/the Virgin birth connected to lowering heaven down and the assumption of the Mother of God to rising earth up?

01:26:45 - Engagement with the chat

01:27:41 - What is the symbolism of tears and what does St. Gregory of Nyssa mean by; “…for tears are the unfailing guardian of those saved by virtue.”

01:29:58 - What’s your process when writing? Do you have any tips in regards to symbolic writing?

01:32:04 - Why is national identity so important in Orthodoxy; is there any deeper meaning of national identity from the perspective of Eschaton, or is it just a consequence of having Churches tied to specific people/language?

01:35:56 - What is the relationship between symbolism, superstition and conspiracy theory?

01:41:05 - I’ve been thinking about the relationship between the Theotokos and the Cherubim and Seraphim. In liturgy and in our prayers when we say she is more honorable than the Cherubim and beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim. What is happening there?

01:45:52 - What’s the symbolism of the antidoron? Is it related to St. Christopher or to the “dogs eating the crumbs that fall off the master’s table”?

01:46:41 - What is the symbolism of the Ukraine vs. Russia war being fought by two men named Vladimir/Volodimir, and how does it relate to Universal History (first Rus’ king to convert)?

01:51:12 - What is the symbolism of Saint Anthony, the Centaur, and the Satyr?

01:53:10 - A question about something Matthieu Pageau said about 666, meta-space and corona-virus (a virus of crowns)

01:55:22 - Can you elaborate on the symbolism of puppets?

01:56:03 - Are there stories, scripture, or anything else that you could recommend to navigate the death of someone you love

01:57:49 - Does the principality of soccer unite countries into itself? If so, does it contribute to the breakdown by creating its own subculture?

02:00:26 - I was wondering about the symbolism of “Z”, something which we’ve all been seeing more of recently…

02:02:05 - When Jacob was leaving his uncle Laban, what was the significance of Rachel stealing Laban’s Household Idols - and then successfully hiding them during the search?

02:04:05 - Symbolically, are software developers like blacksmiths? Who would we be closest to or are we our own breed?

02:04:58 - What is the symbolism of the medieval sword? Specifically of its representation as an upside-down cross

02:05:55 - What is the symbolic meaning behind John the Baptist’s beheading?

02:06:24 - Is there a relationship between the Ark and the circus caravan?

02:08:14 - Outro and announcements